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DIY Catalogue / Extra Income


If you want to manufacture your own lăngerč, then order our DIY catalogue and do all your shopping from the comfort of your home. The catalogue includes the following:

* Samples of our one way stretch Lycra and matching Lace. 16 different colours of lycra and lace samples, so you can see and feel the quality.

* Bra and Panty Patterns: Sketches of our wired and unwired bras + 8 panty patterns in different sizes and styles.

* Patterns for Teen age bras, panties and nigthies Complete Y range catalogue with sketches of all the easy to follow patterns.

* Determine your bra size
We show you exactly how to determine the right size for your bra and panty.

* Lycra, lace and accessories Guidelines for the beginner if you have no idea what you need and how much to buy.

* Can I generate an extra income? Hints on advertising and how to market your products.

* How to determine the selling price of a products and be successful. Hints on profit margin and positive thinking.

* Order forms for Lingerie Kits & Patterns
All the forms for ordering Lycra, lace & accessories per meter or choose from our popular pre-packed bra & panty kits and patterns.

* Price list
All the prices of the different lycra, lace, elastics, wires etc.

* How to place an order
Order by overnight, registered mail or courier. Your choice!


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Start your own business in the comfort of your own home!

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website. We would appreciate any feedback with things you would like to see on this website by e-mailing us. We are always willing to incorporate any inputs or ideas you may have.

Act as a Lingerie agent or dealer:

  • You apply to be accepted as an agent. Phone us for the entry fee.

You receive 14 articles with your starter pack.
Two 36 B bra sets, one with and one without wire.
One 34 C bra / cami with wire.
Two 38 D bra sets, so that the fuller figure is also catered for. All of the above is in different colours with matching panties.
A Sexy Nighty with a matching "french knickers" panty.
Comfortable camisole with a matching "G-string".

  • All our material is available in 16 different colours. Material: Silky lycra 1 way stretch or silky lycra in a 2 way stretch with matching stretch lace.

  • In addition you get an illustrated Marinique Lingerie catalogue, showing the size and style of the articles that can be ordered.

  • Any panty style can be matched with any bra to make a set.

  • In addition you receive pricelists and order forms for all the other articles like strapless bras, corsets etc. that can be ordered.

  • Tips on ways to do your marketing strategy is also included.

  • You take orders and receive ˝ upfront as a deposit. Then you place the order with us and pay ˝ as a deposit. We complete your order and receive the balance of the payment before releasing the goods. You deliver the set after the client has paid in full. In this way no one is in a position of being any one else's debtor. This is to ensure continuance of orders.

  • Selling Price: The selling price is not regulated!! The choice is yours. A markup of between 40% and 50% is recommended depending on your environment and client's purse. More turnover means more profit not larger margins.

  • Application to act as an agent: We need a fax number or e-mail address to which we can send this application. If your application is approved and your agent's fee has been paid, you will receive your demonstration kit within 7 days.

  • Success Story: If you are excited about what you do, you display a positive image that is carried over to everyone with which you do business.

We close on a positive note, hope to hear from you soon.

Mari and Loumi

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